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last monday me and my highschool classmates went to splash island! the trip was for the people who weren't able to come with us in bataan. Splash trip was the trip to end our summer vacation it was awesome! it's been years since my last visit there.

:iconaszereth: :iconchako-ni-chaka: and :iconsweetdeath-ofmine: went to splash island together. we left our homes at 7.30 and got there at 8!! we were 1 hour early for the opening!! early birds... it was a free ride anyway and there was nothing else to do at home...errr...anyways! our other classmates arrived later and we had fun all day! wheee~! like little kids on their first trip to the pool...hahaha!

I enjoyed the family thingy ride...the most and the super fast silde! hahah! the whole thing was short but was very fun!

see you next summer guys!

actually...we're going to see each other this saturday...ugh...hahah!

My highschool classmates are so much fun to be with! I dunno...i'd never trade them for anything...and teacher tess otial!!! fuck you!! I win the bet!! you said that by third year college i'd forget're fucking wrong!! wahahahaha!!!

My college friends are fun to be with too but here's the thing...when i'm with my HS friends...I feel old, grown up whatever...and when i'm with my college friends I feel like a kid...shouldn't it be the other way around??




:star:Schoolmates, friends and Profs?!:star:
they are real live people I know...haha!


And some other clubs I don't remember anymore...

:star:Fave Artists:star:
:iconidnar: and :iconshonensan:
AngelsTale Featured By Owner May 25, 2007   Digital Artist
glad you have fun.
Psycho-Stress Featured By Owner May 24, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Chako ni Chaka hasn't logged in ever since she made her account. Maybe she has already forgotten about it, judging by her... uhh... personality.

I never knew about your bet with Tess Otial... enlighten me.
aszereth Featured By Owner May 25, 2007 jayjol pa! that bet?? mmm...we made that bet during the card distribution way way back...i'll tell you about it maybe tomorrow...basta wag dito kakatamad mag kwento sa leche yung teacher na yun! yun na siguro ang pinaka kinamumuhian kong teacher sa balat ng lupa!!
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Submitted on
May 24, 2007