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The title do you exactly translate this in english...? It's something like errr... Vacation's worth it! but that doesn't sound so great...let's say Vacation's Awesome! oh well... haha

My highschool friends always have a summer vacation trip somewhere! this year it was in Morong Bataan! woohoo! i never thought there were beaches in bataan...and boy was i wrong! the place was great! the water was very clear and healthy! the food was great! we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with desert!!! omg! we have someone to cook for us, to clean to do anything!

we caught 9 jelly fishes! well...technically...we caught 14 but we left our first 2 catch on the beach the first night then the next 2 catch then we traded one for a starfish and a crab to an interested passerby...finally we decided to put them in containers...haha! thus the 9 jellysfishes! oh yeah! during our last day we were swimming early in the morning we came across a school of fish! they lured it to the shore then when they were so close to the shore...they kicked them...3 or 5 were caught in the friend got injured...2 survived then we put it together with the jellies...then after a few hours...the fishes died...huhuhuhu...

oh yeah...we dug holes in the sea during the low tide on our second day...hahaha! we successfully trapped one of our classmates! hahahaha!!! ...the holes were really deep...

we took a boat to see the sea turtles and the super white beach! and the corals were awesome!! i was so amazed cause i really never thought bataan have beaches...hahaha!!!




:star:Schoolmates, friends and Profs?!:star:
they are real live people I know...haha!


And some other clubs I don't remember anymore...

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enrage Featured By Owner May 17, 2007
Jesus ... of all the trip to miss~
aszereth Featured By Owner May 24, 2007
yah suck! we were living like royalty! wohoo!!
sweetdeath-ofmine Featured By Owner May 16, 2007
Joy naman TERE ang saya naman ng TRip nyo talaga sa Bataan....[link]
Sadness hay nakakainis lang sayang kasi pinigilan ako ng nanay kong sumama sainyo..buti pa tatay ko eh..kaso walang nagawa ...anyways sana makabawi ako nexttime...owell atlease nag enjoy kayo...[link]
jophetism Featured By Owner May 13, 2007
haha naenjoy m bakasyon m...buti nmn :XD: malas nga lng sa 28 pa lng may pasok na tayo >.<
aszereth Featured By Owner May 13, 2007
uu nga eh...kaya sobra talaga sinusulit ko! wehehehe
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Submitted on
May 13, 2007