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  • Mood: Anger
  • Listening to: House and Trance music...
  • Reading: anything...
  • Watching: Aishiteruze Baby!
  • Playing: Xenogears...oh memories...
  • Eating: anything cold!!
  • Drinking: COLD ICY WATER!!!!
I'm back!'s summer vacation, ours just started last friday darn! then our class will start on the last week of may! think that's fair?! i think not!'s better off going to an airconditioned school than boiling, frying, steaming whatever! in this forsaken house!

sorry for not commenting on your works...i'm really sorry! i've been so busy last term! and our landline got cut off because my mom actually forgot to pay the bill hahahaha!!! :lol: but now! yey! finally...we have broadband now! wheee~!! i think this is compensation for the no-telephone months...haha!

I'll really make it up to all of you now! i will really!! so post lots and i'll comment on them all! haha! my uncommented deviations piled up to 1,500+.....hehe....but i'm just so happy that even though i'm not posting anything new... people keep viewing my page!!! thanks so much!!




:star:Schoolmates, friends and Profs?!:star:
they are real live people I know...haha!


And some other clubs I don't remember anymore...
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crazyoveromi Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2007
uu!!! waaaaaaaaaa.... sobrang init!!! pakiramdam ko nasususnog na balat ko!!!! TT_TT
nahumreigh Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2007  Professional General Artist
aga naman classes niyo heehee... have a nice vacation... what's left of it anyway.. ngyahahaha
aszereth Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2007
oo nga eh...eenjoy ko na to!!!

kala ko start ng vacation namin 2nd week ng april....that pissed me off already!....what more the fourth??!! :lol:
mirayutsuma017 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2007
welkam bak!!! XD grabe sobrang busy ba talaga ang college lyp??? :heart:

:dance: welcome back uli!
aszereth Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2007
parang ganun....yung mga prof kasi eh! sabay sabay ang deadline!!
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April 24, 2007