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Submitted on
September 6, 2007


  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: House and Trance music...
  • Reading: anything...
  • Watching: Zero no Tsukaima 2
  • Playing: Counter Strike Source
  • Eating: Calamares in the streets
  • Drinking: C2 litro~! peach flavor
translation: THIS IS YOU TERM! ,,I,, this is you!

this was hell of a term...and it finally ended! wheee~ my finals cconsumed 3 straight days without sleep! yes! 3 days! wow... my head ached like crazy during the second night! i had to take medication! hahaha! :XD:

3DANIM1 - worked on it during sunday...the hair, hands and dress the other parts:  whole head and body were made during random days. no sleep

VIDPRD1 - we only had to make a one minute AVP of a multimedia arts commercial! it wasn't really the finals though...we didn't have a reall final exam. we were asked to comment on the teacher and his way of teaching! my fave sybject!

DESKPUB - I'm still having probs on this one...but it was absolutely his fault! not mine! I'm guilt free! If i fail this shitty subject its all his fault! (the prof)

2DANIM1 - I drew and colored 26 scenes of my storyboard...worked on it during tuesday and wed.

CNCTPHO - oh...this was a hassle...worked on it during sunday morning till night

CADVIS - my fave subject too! we modeled speakers for our was worth it though! my finals was taken for an exhibit! wheee~ no sleep

Grade equivalents: 4.0 (97-100) 3.5 (93-96) 2.5 (85-88) 2.0 (80-84) 1.5 (75-79) 1.0  (70-74)

1. 3DANIM1 (2.5) considering how many absences i had and to think my prof didn't see my midterm project...this is high!

2. VIDPRD1 (3.5) I'm the highest in my class! whee~! my script pulled it off! I'm so happy! it's a script writing class.

3. 2DANIM1 (4.0) oh! this one! the allowable absences in my school are 3 when you get more than that you're dropped...i had 6! hahahah!!!  I laughed hard when i saw my grade! well...considering my quality of work...I think i did good though and i passed everything on time haha

4. DESKPUB (1.0) I submitted my finals...oh my...very late! I literally played tag with my prof in the hallways....dunno why he did that though there were loads of people. I deserved this grade...I'm blaming myself for my 6 day absence.

5. CNCTPHO (2.5) My finals got high grades! omg! didn't expect that! hahaha! my prof said my grade should've been 3.0 but i had this one late submission...oh well...

6. CADVIS1 (2.0) mmm...I wasn't able to pass my midterm plates but i really had them printed! I think my prof saw that I'm the one teaching my classmates in class so he gave me a 1.0 during midterms...he's very nice! i really worked hard during the other half! 2.0's a blessing!

about me...I think I'm in love...hahaha! I realized just the other day! hahaha! :love::love::love: oh...ignore me



:star:Schoolmates, friends and Profs?!:star:
they are real live people I know...haha!


And some other clubs I don't remember anymore...

:star:Fave Artists:star:
:iconidnar: :iconvic-mon: :iconshonensan:
I love their styles!
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grats sa grades ^^ nakita ko yun tag nyo :rofl: ang laki pala ng prof nyo! di bagay tumakbo sa hallways. =P
hahaahahah!!! uu!!!! hahahah!!!
clarisologo Sep 7, 2007
ay alam ko kung kanino ka inlove! *wore the shirt almost all the time* :rofl: :heart: :peace: :hug:
ano?!? lumang balita na yan dude! may bago!! hahahaah!!! :XD:
clarisologo Sep 8, 2007
yea, i know. hahaha. la lang.... hahaha
~watch ka ba ni ser? bakit ganyan ung sabi mo sa cnctpho ah? hahaha joke
hindi yata? oh no...
good luck sa iba mong subjects :D
haha thanks!
ETO KA TERM! ,,I,, eto ka!

TAMA!!!!!! ayan nga yung term n to!!! it's HELL at ang saya saya TAPUS N CYA!!!!
:D :D :D
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