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Today! On Aszereth's page!!

:bulletgreen: I went grocery shopping today...I was going to buy a cabbage...It was already in my hand...I turned it over to look at the price...and then BOOM! I saw it! I was shocked! It gave me chills! It was just so EXPENSIVE! It's like MILLIONS! average sized cabbage here is 30-45php...(its about a dollar or less) then today's price is 170php!! OMG that's triple the price!!! gaaaaad...meat's cheaper at the moment.

:bulletgreen: finally...Ondoy and Pepeng (ketsana and Parma) have ONE'S COMIN' TO TOWN! Welcome to the Philippines RAMIL!! Funny...I have a neighbor name Ramil...he used to be my playmate when I was young...I thought we were the same age...but turns out...he was 4 or 5 years older than me O__O shocking...

I noticed when he grew insanely taller and faster than me...and when I started highschool back then he was already in college omg...

That's about it for today's current events :love:
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Submitted on
October 15, 2009