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No...I am not getting married and no....I am not inlove... :XD:

Since 'Simbang gabi' started (errr...a before xmas tradition where people go to church every 4:00 AM starting from Dec 16 to 25) the bloodiest week of this term also began...FINALS

I hate it when I hear the church bells...because it means that I haven't had any sleep again for the whole day because of all the work. When I hear pressures me 'cause even without looking at my little alarm clock I am aware of the time and the remaining hours before the deadlines...

As I am writing this journal...I heard them again but that will be the last church bells I'll be hearing for the rest of December! YEAH! At last! FREEDOM!!! Sleep is such an expensive thing to spend lately...I mean...the more sleeping time you spend the lesser work time you'll be able to buy with it...damn it!

I was so happy when I finally had soft cushion on my bed 'cause before...the cushion I improvised looked as if there was a corpse hidden under a blanket...ugh...yes it was soft but weird. When I changed the cushion...FINALS started...and I wasn't able to use the soft cushion...huhuhuhu...

to celebrate the end of term me, meccha, silverstyx, and darkgenomax bought cake! a whole cake complete with a candle that we blew together haha! we've been planning to do that for a month and came true haha we had so much fun eating the damn thing. we even took pictures...I had the most awkward feeling of all...'cause they were all guys and they were so sentimental about the whole cake thing hahahah!!!

anyways...deadlines are more waking up early! wheee~! I'm off to sleep! oh another electricfan broke...I had to fix's fixed now so yeah...night night everyone!!! I need to sleep a lot for the whole week to make up for all the lost sleeping time!! wheeeeeeeee~!!




:star:Schoolmates, friends and Profs?!:star:
they are real live people I know...haha!


And some other clubs I don't remember anymore...

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I love their styles!
yamichann Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2007
yes sleep!!!! we can finally SLEEP!!!!! hayzzz my bed~~~ (actually d cya bed... cushion cya s floor... pero masarap ksi malamig yung pwesto dun) i miss my bed!!! parand d ko n cya nakita for YEARS!! :rofl:
:D :D :D
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Submitted on
December 21, 2007